Disassembly Sequence of Extruder Screw and Barrel

When disassembling the extruder screw, special tools should be used and heavy hammer is not allowed. The specific disassembly steps are as follows:

1. Disassemble the nozzle of the extruder screw and the connection between the nozzle and the barrel.

2. Separate the key connection at the rear of the extruder screw from the drive shaft.

3. Remove the connecting flange and move the extruder screw forward.

4. When the head of the extruder screw is exposed to the barrel, immediately remove the connecting thread of the head of the extruder screw (note: the threads here are generally left-handed).

5. Remove the check ring and sealing ring on the extruder screw.

6. The disassembled nozzle, check ring, sealing ring and screw should be cleaned immediately with copper brushes and shovel tools while it is still hot. Sticky materials that are special and difficult to clean should be heated in an oven. The temperature is the lowest temperature that can soften the material. Then remove the residual materials.

7. Assemble the parts on the extruder screw. Each threaded connection should be coated with molybdenum disulfide high-temperature grease to facilitate the next disassembly.

8. The extruder screw that is not in use should be coated with protective oil after the surface is cleaned. Pack it up and hang it in a ventilated safe place.

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