The Reasons for the Unstable Extruder Screw Speed

Ⅰ. Common causes of unstable working speed of extruder screw

1. The driving V-belt is severely worn, causing slipping during work.

2. The center distance of the V-belt drive pulley is too small, so that the V-belt drive cannot correctly friction drive with the trapezoidal slope of the pulley.

3. The temperature of the heating material in the barrel is low, and the raw material is not uniformly plasticized, which causes an increase in the working load torque of the extruder screw, and unstable screw speed of the extruder .

4. The thrust bearing of the extruder screw is damaged.

Ⅱ. Impact of unstable speed of the extruder screw on the quality of plastic products

1. The geometric shape and size error of the product is large.

2. The product will often appear horizontal wrinkles.

3. The surface of the product is rough, brittle, or partially hard.

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