The Screw Barrel Needs Regular Cleaning to Ensure Its Functions

1. Working characteristics of extruder screw barrel

(1) The screw speed can be achieved for stepless pressure and speed control configuration.

(2) The linear guide rail injection can replace guide pillar injection to reduce the friction during injection and improve injection accuracy (optional).

(3) The material tube of the extruder screw is made of alloy material. Quenching and tempering treatment, as well as desalination treatment, can improve wear resistance. The injection adopts the electronic ruler of Gefran from Italy, and the position control accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm.

(4) The fourth section can be used for injection pressure and speed. The independent control of holding pressure and speed is more beneficial to the injection process adjustment.

(5) The manual backpressure device (optional numerical control back pressure) can improve the extruder screw’s plastic plasticization, exhaust and density. The back pressure elimination device is added after feeding materials, which can prevent the plastic from flowing into the mold to produce cold material when the backpressure of the material is used in the production of the product without loosening.

2. Factors affecting injection molding by extruder screw barrel

(1) The extruder screw speed is directly proportional to the production capacity, which means the productivity basically depends on the speed and geometric dimensions of the headpiece and rod. It has also been proved from the production process that the production capacity is basically proportional to the speed of the rod within a certain speed range.

(2) This relation has important guiding significance to production practice since it is one of the important ways for modern single-rod machines to improve production capacity. If the working capacity of each section of the screw and extruder barrel is sufficient, as well as the main and auxiliary equipment of the extruder are allowed, increasing the screw speed can greatly improve the production capacity.

(3) The productivity of the screw is close to the square of the screw diameter D, which has a proportional relation. It means a small increase in diameter will result in a large increase in productivity.

3. Common cleaning methods of the extruder screw barrel

As a professional extruder screw barrel manufacturer, we will show you some useful cleaning methods of the extruder screw barrel.

(1) The use of barrel detergent

If the injection products are frequently replaced with raw materials, or the plasticization temperature range of residual materials and refuges in the barrel is quite different, it is more economical to use a barrel detergent to save raw materials and improve work efficiency. The detergent is similar to rubber material, which will not melt in the barrel at high temperatures. And it is a soft micelle in the screw groove of the extruder screw. The residual material can be taken away to make the barrel clean when the screw thread groove moves forward.

(2) The use of material replacement

If the plasticizing temperature range of the raw material to be replaced is higher than that of the residual material in the barrel, the barrel and nozzle can be heated to the lowest plasticizing temperature of the new raw material. Then, you can add new refueling and continue air injection until there is no residual material in the barrel.

If the plasticization temperature range of the residual material in the extruder screw barrel is higher than the plasticization temperature range of the material to be replaced, the barrel should be heated to the plasticization temperature range of the residual material in the barrel to remove the residual material. Next, you can add nozzle material for cleaning and finally put it into new materials for production. If the product requirements are high, the first few molds of the new materials can be scrapped.

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