The Reasons Why the Extruder Screw Suddenly Does Not Rotate

During the extrusion process, the extruder screw may suddenly get stuck. At this time, if the protection device of extruder does not work, the operator should immediately stop the operation. More commonly, the screw can still rotate, but the speed slows down, and at the same time a harsh metal scraping sound is made, the current rises sharply, and the operator should also stop the machine immediately.

Then, the reasons why the extruder screw suddenly does not rotate are as follows:

1. Foreign matter enters the extruder barrel and blocks the screws. If it is a ferrous metal foreign body, it will cause huge damage to the screw and barrel.

2. The screw and barrel are deformed.

3. The temperature of the lens barrel of the extruder barrel is too low, or the filter plate is blocked, causing the pressure of the lens barrel to rise sharply, so that the screw is deformed.

4. The design of the screw spring barrel of extruder screw is unreasonable. If the compression ratio of the screw design is too large, it is easy to deform the screw in use.

5. The thermal expansion coefficient of the extruder screw barrel is too different from the extruder screw material used. When the extruder barrel is heated, the barrel will cool. If the extruder barrel is not cooled, it may be locked.

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