Method of Protecting Screw and Barrel

Corrosive, abrasive and high temperature resistant resins may unknowingly damage the screw and barrel. For example, some engineering materials, thermoplastic elastomers, and biopolymer materials sometimes will form a corrosive environment. In addition, reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber and spheres), some fillers and additives are abrasive.

In order to avoid affecting production efficiency and product quality, modified plastics processing companies must closely monitor the hazards of those materials which may cause to equipment. To maintain high machining standards, it is necessary to establish a preventive maintenance program. Thus, screw and barrel should be inspected and measured as needed. Moreover, the screw should be pulled out for re-installation or replacement, as minimal wear and tear can affect product quality. Lesun is a professional screw barrel manufacturer in China, you can select products you want.

The best way to protect equipment from corrosive and abrasive resins is to choose the right materials to manufacture the screw and barrel. However, the processing cost of a wear-resistant barrel and screw is more than standard polyolefin screw about 3 ~ 4 times if it is necessary to cope with the corrosion, wear and high temperature melt. Though the wear-resistant alloy is relatively expensive and difficult to process, it can prolong the service life and the maintenance intervals.

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