Extruder Closed Screw Barrel

There are two main types of extruder closed screw barrels, 4D and 6D, with 4D being the most. According to the different selection of the materials from the customers, the corresponding bushing materials can be selected to meet the needs of the modified customer.
Extruder Closed Screw Barrel

Technical Data of Extruder Closed Screw Barrel

Brand:LESUN, the screw and barrel manufacturer
Model:φ20 mm ~φ300 mm
Material:38CrMoALA / W6Mo5Cr4V2 / HIP
Properties: Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, Durable
Application: Extruder

The Selection Of The Extruder Closed Screw Barrel Material:

Integral closed machine barrel, Nitrided steel, quenched and tempered, gas nitrided after processing;The sleeves of the bimetal bushing barrel can be divided into C-shaped sleeves and integral sleeves, which are wear-resistant; nickel-based alloys are resistant to corrosion and wear. There is also a water-cooled circulation channel in the cylinder wall of the closed-end machine cylinder, which is close to the ∞-shaped working cavity. It can achieve high-precision cylinder temperature control in conjunction with the casting electric heating tile (± 2 ℃)

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