Selection of Extruder Screw Material

1. Extruder screw

The extruder screw is the key component of the extruder. The performance of the screw determines the productivity, plasticizing quality, dispersion of additives, melt temperature and power consumption of an extruder and can directly affect its scope of application and production efficiency. Through the rotation of the screw, the plastic can be squeezed, and the plastic can move, pressurize, and obtain some heat from friction in the barrel. The plastic is mixed and plasticized in the process of moving in the barrel. As there are many types of plastics, their properties are also different. Therefore, in order to adapt to different plastic processing needs, the extruder screw types and structures required are both different in actual operation,so as to maximize the efficiency of plastic transportation, extrusion, mixing and plasticization.

2. Selection of the extruder screw material

The material of the extruder screw elements must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength, and should also have those of good cutting performance, small residual stress after heat treatment, and small thermal deformation.

For the material of the extruder screw, there are specific requirements as follows:

(1) High mechanical properties. It must have sufficient strength to adapt to high-temperature and high-pressure working conditions and increase the service life.

(2) Good mechanical processing performance. It must have better cutting performance and heat treatment performance.

(3) Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.

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