What Factors Will Affect the Injection Molding of the Extruder Screw?

Ⅰ. The factors that affect the injection molding of the extruder screw

1. The speed of the extruder screw is directly proportional to the production capacity. That is, the productivity basically depends on the rotational speed, the geometry of the nose and the rod. It has also been proven in the production process. Within a certain speed range, the production capacity is basically proportional to the speed of the extruder screw.

2. This connection has important guiding significance for production practice, and it is one of the important ways for modern single-pole machines to improve production capacity. If the working capacity of each section of the screw and extruder barrel is sufficient, and the main and auxiliary equipment of the extruder are available, increasing the screw speed can greatly increase the production capacity.

3. The geometric dimensions of the extruder screw are proportional to the production capacity. That is, a small increase in diameter will result in a substantial increase in productivity.

Ⅱ. Operational performance of the extruder screw

1. The speed of the extruder screw can be realized as stepless pressure and speed control equipment.

2. Linear guide rail injection replaces guide pillar injection, reducing friction during injection and improving injection accuracy (optional).

3. The material tube of the extruder screw is made of alloy material, which has been quenched and tempered and desalinated to improve the wear resistance, and the azimuth control accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm.

4. Four-stage injects pressure and speed, and four-stage holds pressure and speed. Independent control is more conducive to the adjustment of the injection process.

5. Manual back pressure equipment improves the plasticization, exhaust and density of the plastic by the extruder screw. After the feeding, the back pressure elimination equipment is added to avoid the use of feeding back pressure when the product is produced, and there is no need to loosen the action when the plastic flows into the mold to produce cold material.

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