System and Structural Features of Twin-screw Extruder Barrel

Ⅰ. Structural characteristics of twin screw barrel

The notable feature of the twin screw barrel is that while the barrel can be split, the screw and the inner liner of the barrel can be combined at will.

1. Split barrel

In the past, the twin screw extruder barrel is integral and can not be opened. The split-type twin screw extruder is a split type, which consists of upper and lower half barrels. The lower half barrel is fixed on the frame and the upper half barrel is connected to the lower half barrel through a worm gear reducer. Usually, the upper half barrel and the lower half barrel are fastened with two rows of bolts. When the barrel needs to be opened, just loosen the bolt and turn the handle of the worm gear box to open the barrel.

2. Twin screw barrel building block screw and barrel

The screw and barrel of the split-type twin screw extruder host adopt advanced "building block" design. The screw is composed of various forms of screw blocks set on the mandrel, and the inner bushing in the cylinder can be adjusted according to the different screw blocks, so as to flexibly combine the ideal threaded element structure according to the technological requirements such as material varieties. It realizes various technological processes such as material conveying, plasticizing, refining, shearing, exhausting, pressure building and extrusion. It better solves the contradiction between the so-called universality and stability of the screw that is generally difficult to take into account, and achieves the purpose of one machine with multiple functions.

Another advantage of the "building block" design is that the worn screw and barrel elements can be partially replaced, which avoids the scrapping of the entire screw or barrel and greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Ⅱ. Twin screw barrel system

1. The twin screw of the twin screw barrel is a high-speed co-directional meshing type, which can produce very strong and complex material transfer, exchange, shunting, blending and shearing kneading in various threads and mixing elements. These functions can be fully adjusted and controlled by changing the screw configuration and operating process conditions to meet the requirements of various processes.

2. Accurate measurement and reasonable feeding method are the key to strictly implement the formula and also the key to ensure product quality. According to the performance of the material and the needs of users, we are equipped with a variety of feeding methods, such as volume measurement, dynamic weight loss measurement, etc., to meet the needs of different products.

3. The twin screw barrel has an advanced control system. The extruder is equipped with an advanced and beautiful control system. Most of its control components are imported components with good quality and high sensitivity. The operating parameters of the host such as current, voltage, temperature, torque, etc. are very intuitive, so it is very convenient to operate. The requirements for operators are not high.

4. The twin screw barrel system is equipped with several cutting methods such as drawing water-cooled pelletizing, hot-cutting water-cooling and hot-cutting air-cooling. It can be configured according to different materials and user requirements.

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