Extruder Open Screw Barrel

The extruder open screw barrels are used in the feeding section, the natural exhausting section and the vacuum exhausting sections. Depending on the materials produced, the placement of the open barrel is different. The opening shapes of extrusion screw barrel can be square, rectangular, and round above the natural exhausting port and the vacuum exhausting port, and there must be a suitable "material stopper" arranged in the opening to reduce the return of material.
Extruder Open Screw Barrel

Technical Data of Screw Barrel For Extrusion

Model:φ20 mm ~φ300 mm
Material:38CrMoALA / W6Mo5Cr4V2 / HIP
Properties: Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, Durable
Application: Extruder

Material & Properites for Extrusion Screw Barrel

1.Bi-metal liner +45# steel cylinder: high wearability, repair easily and cost-effective
2.N00 nitriding steel: good anti-corrosion performance
3.H6 or D11 : higher wearablity and corrosion resistance, easy to repair.

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