Twin Screw Extruder Parts Manufacturer
Optimum solution of extruder parts to the twin-screw extrusion technology
With regard to production specifications, LESUN not only offers standard twin screw extruder parts made by general screw extruder manufacturer, but also provides special-purpose feed screw design and manufacturing service according to your requirements. Meanwhile, we also provide surveying and mapping business as well as processing business for accessories made by major extruding machine companies.
Extruder Parts Applied Industries
A Service Of Quality, Precision And Accuracy, Selecting Only The Best Solution Possible
  • Plastic Pelletizing
    Our components can operate in plastics industries, such as Injection processes, construction, automotive and packaging sectors - Extrusion processes: manufacturing of films, sheets, profiles, pipes and containers.
  • Compounding
    Our components are applicable to polymer compounding processes, such as Polyolefin compounds - Engineering plastic compounds - Masterbatch compounds - Thermoplastic elastomers - WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) compounds.
  • Masterbatch
    Our devices and systems can be applied to chemical fiber industries, such as functional masterbatch. Its necessary extruder have good mixing effect whining producing masterbatch.
  • Paper Industry
    Our components also make contributs to paper industry. It can achieve high capacity and superior quality.
  • Chemical Industry
    Extruder contributes to improving the energy and chemical infrastructure. Such as oil refining plants, natural-gas facilities and chemical plants.
  • Food Industry
    Extruder with Lesun elements is applied to food industries, such as direct-expanded cereals and snacks, and confectionery products.
  • Feed Industry
    Extruder with Lesun elements can be applied feed industries. Such as non-expanded pet treats, aquaculture feeds. The material of components are eco-friendly and with good anti-corrosion performance.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
    Extrusion in the pharmaceutical industry requires special components which are certified by the industry. We have the experience of components and it's material to ensure them with superior quality.
  • Cable Industry
    Our components are applicable to cable industry. Such as Aerial cable, building wire, tray cable, CATV, THHN and THWN wire.
  • Powder Coating And Paint Industry
    The extruders with our components have been widely accepted in the powder coating industry with proven split-barrel design and extreme wear protection for both screws and barrel liners.
Design and Manufacture of Extruder Spare Parts
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