The mixing screw element included TME, SME, ZME, CME, SFT, eccentric elements, multi-head elements, extruder feed screw and most teeth elements serve to enhance dispersion.

Mixing Screw Element Manufacturer

Prouduct Name:
Special Screw Shaft
Screw Components Diameter:
φ20 mm ~φ300 mm
Screw Components Properties:
Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, Durable

Mixing screw element for small extruder screw is focusing on mixing function with good ablity of cutting, mixing and shearing.  Espeicially for some Chemical fiber material.  Lesun can supply standard mixing scew element (including mixer rotor, transition elements, feed screw, compression elements) for many overseas extruder brands like Coperion, Leistritz, Berstorff, Toshiba, JSW, Kobe, APV, Maris etc.

Twin Extruder Screw Design

This mixing screw element adopts twin extruder screw design. The twin screw extruder screw adopts modular design, combined by shaft and screw element piece by piece. The twin extruder screw design consists of the transport unit and kneading unit.

Processing Characteristics of Mixing Screw Element:

1.Suitable suggestion on material to ensure screw components performance and extend lifetime of products.
2.Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping support.
3.All components are finished by CNC machine.
4.Sophisticated quality managment system ensure superior quality.
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