The Role of Heat Insulation of Extruder Barrel Screw

The screw and the barrel are the same as the screw in the extrusion compression molding system. They are all important parts of the extruder. When the extruder barrel screw is working, it needs to be insulated. Why should it be insulated? And what are the functions of the extruder barrel screw insulation? Please see the detailed introduction below!

The function of thermal insulation of extruder barrel screw is as follows:

Heat insulation improves product quality and extrudes heater temperature. It can maintain a uniform temperature, which can reduce the defect rate and prolong the life of the heater.

1. Thermal insulation productivity of extruder barrel:

(1) Operating environment: reduce the risk of burns, scalds, etc.

(2) Molding site: Adhere to a comfortable temperature.

(3) The standby time during molding operation is shortened.

2. Heat insulation and energy saving effect of extruder barrel:

(1) Extruder heater power (electricity): save 20%-60%.

(2) The overall power (electricity) of the extruder: save 5%-15%.

(3) The power of air-conditioning and air-conditioning at the extrusion site: a maximum improvement of 50%. Save air-conditioning costs.

After reading the above content, you must know that the necessary thermal insulation operation of the extruder barrel screw during operation will have many benefits. Since there are many benefits, when you use the barrel screw in the future, it is recommended to insulate it, so as to extend the service life of this equipment, reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.

Our company specializes in the production of parallel co-rotating modular barrels, ranging from Ø20mm to Ø300mm. After more than ten years of vigorous development, our company now has a number of advanced CNC machine tools and special processing equipment for manufacturing screws.

The extruder screw barrel plays an important role in the extruder. The barrel contains screw elements. The screw element works inside the barrel. Barrel and screw elements are integrated to support the smooth running of the extruder process.

In order to prolong the service life of components, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties are critical. LESUN barrels are mainly made of bimetal liner+45# steel cylinder; N00 nitrided steel; H6 or D11. In addition, special steels such as HSS-PM with high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance are also available.

In terms of production specifications, LESUN not only provides general extruder screws and standard twin-screw extruder accessories produced by manufacturers, but also provides design and manufacturing services for special extruder accessories according to customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide surveying and mapping business and processing business of accessories for major extrusion press companies. If you are in need, welcome to contact us.

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