Advantages and Common Problems of Extruder Screw

The extruder screw is the most important part of the plastic machinery and equipment, and it is directly related to the plasticizing effect and output of the plastic machinery.

1. Advantages of extruder screw

The extruder screw material must have high mechanical strength, withstand large torque and must not be deformed under high temperature and high pressure conditions.

The reason is that the rotation of the extruder screw in the barrel is performed under high temperature, high pressure and high torque. Because it strongly pushes the material forward during the rotation process, it must also withstand strong friction, plastic decomposition corrosion, and gas erosion. Therefore, the extruder screw must have these advantages.

2. Common problems of extruder screw

During the rotation of the extruder screw, the plastic is sheared and plasticized mainly through the edge of the extruder screw, and then the plastic is pushed forward, so that the edge of the screw bears huge shear stress and friction.

Due to long-term work under severe conditions, because of wear threaded ribs become smaller, and the gap with the barrel increases, which lead to a decrease in the amount of plastic extrusion. In severe cases, plastic reflow will occur, the plasticizing effect will be reduced, and crystal grains will appear. Then there will be a serious decline in production capacity.

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