Nanjing Lesun Screw Co.,Ltd specialize in the manufacture of parallel co-rotating modular screw elements, barrel and shaft, involving various types that lies between Ø20mm to Ø300mm. After ten years of luxuriant development, our company now owns several sets of advanced CNC machines and special processing equipment for manufacturing screw. Now our machining operation has basically realized intellectualization and automation. Advanced processing means, strong technical force and sophisticated processing craft ensure quality of each production and technical indexes can fully meet customers...

Scope of application
  • Plastic pelletizing and modification
  • Masterbatch
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food
  • Feed industry
  • Cable materials
  • Pharmaceutical industry, powder coating and paint

Our Superiority
- Design and Manufacture of special elements
Three Head over Two Head
Eccentric Element
Mixer Block
Tension Element
Single Head with Wide Edges
Single Head with Wide Edges over Two Head

Cornerstone of outstanding products
- Upon research and utilization in the field of product application
With the development of plastics industry and the expanding application of extruding machines,the requirements of screw element and kneading block is no longer limited to traditional styles. Thanks to our rich experience that we have accumulated in the field of screw elements manufacturing, we intend to provide our customers with the most appropriate solution based on the properties of their own products, for instance nitriding steel, chrome-vanadium steel, stainless steel and wear-resistant powder metallurgy (foreign steel) like SKD11, K110, 1.2379, W6Mo5Cr4V2, SuS18, HS35, HS45, HS10V etc. The truth is that appropriate accessories can effectively extend the uptime of the basic machines and meanwhile reduce  the production cost for customers.

Regarding to production specifications,apart from offering standard twin screw extruder parts manufactured by general domestic factories, we alse desgin and manufacture special-purpose components according to your requests.  At the same time ,we also provide surveying and mapping business as well as processing business for accessories made by major foreign extruding machine companies.

Precise Element & Timely Delivery
-Our attiude to win the trust of customers
In today's booming market ,the accuracy of the product is no longer the gap between foreign manufactures and domestic ones. To ensure that all products will be precisely fitted, German and Japanese original CNC machines hava uesed in the manufacture of screw elements. While inproving the product precision,we alse pay great attention maturity of the heat treatment process. We engage to provide better service along with the upgrade of our technology.

What's more, our company is fully accredited with ISO14001 quality management standard. Highly motiveted  team of spare parts specialists is ready to do anything to remedy your problem . With abundant raw materials and sufficient inventory, we promise you for timely delivery.
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