TDK Screw Element

TDK screw elements are screw elements that combine the advantages of a conveying element and a kneading element. It has conveying ability and dispersion effect, and the shear heat is low. Compared with the kneading block, this element does not increase the torque of the screw when it is used. It can also be said to have the advantage of low energy consumption. If the position of use and configuration is appropriate, the effect of dispersive mixing and distributed mixing can be further improved under the premise of low energy consumption, and it is more suitable fort he modification of low-shear resins.
TDK Screw Element

Technical Details of TDK Screw Element

Model:φ20mm ~ φ300mm
Material:38CrMoALA / W6Mo5Cr4V2 / HIP
Properties: Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, durable
Application: Extruder

TDK Screw Element Function

1.Constructed both with narrow and relatively wide discs.
2. Certain conveying capacity filled with out upstrean flow restriction element

Processing Characteristics of TDK Screw Element:

1. All component materials are purcharsed from professional material supplier. To ensure quality of raw materials, element and metallographic analysis are coducted.
2. All components are finished by CNC grinding.
3. Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping business.
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