Transition Elements

Most of the transition elements are used in the smooth transition of special elements such as mixing elements to conventional elements, conveying elements and kneading elements, and there is basically no dead angle, which will not cause any residue of materials in the screw. A good transition element can not only play the role of transition, but also have a certain transport and dispersion effect. The common transition elements are:

△ Between the feeding section of the SK double-headed element and conventional double-headed conveying element;
△ Among the Double-headed, three-headed, double-headed conveying elements;
△ Between ZME mixing disc and double-headed narrow screw sleeve conveying element;
△ Between the TME toothed disc and the double-headed narrow screw sleeve conveying element.
Transition Elements

Technical Details of Transition Elements

Model:φ20 mm ~φ300 mm
Material:38CrMoALA/ W6Mo5Cr4V2/ HIP
Properties: Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting, Durable
Application: Extruder

Transition Element Function

Excellent performance on material transition

Processing Characteristics of Transition Elements:

1.All component materials are purcharsed from professional material supplier. To ensure quality of raw materials, element and metallographic analysis are coducted.
2. All components are finished by CNC grinding.
3. Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping business.
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