The Maintenance of Screw and Mold of the Extruder Barrel

1. The maintenance of screw and mold of the extruder barrel

Before the extruder is stopped, the mold should be turned to have an interval of 5 to 10mm to make the hinge (bending arm) structure of the clamping machine in a semi-straightened state, so that the hinge structure (bending arm) of the extruder will not maintain force, so as to better maintain the mold and clamping structure.

2. Cleaning materials for the plastic bucket of extruder barrel

Before stopping the machine, the plastic in the bucket should be cleaned, and the plastic between PP, PS and PE should be used to clean the original plastic remaining in the bucket. After cleaning, loosen the screw to the maximum length of stroke, which can avoid burning the screw head when the power is turned on next time.

(1) If the plastic used is HB general plastic, natural plastic can be cleaned without cleaning the plastic inside the extruder barrel.

(2) If the plastic used is colored, you must use the plastic between PP, PS and PE to clean VO fireproof plastic, corrosive plastic and glass fiber plastic. After the cleaning operation is completed, the temperature of the material pipe can be directly lowered.

3. The electrical protection of the extruder barrel

Before completing the screw operation of the extruder barrel, please confirm whether the power switch of each injection molding equipment has been turned off, whether the doors and windows have been closed. What’s more, the workshop should also take a good method to prevent rat bites. We should make sure that extruder electromechanical control box has been closed to prevent rats from entering the interior and damaging the main engine.

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