The Cleaning Methods of Extruder Screw

The extruder screw needs to be cleaned under normal conditions such as changing the color or turning on the machine after shutting down, with black spots.

Ⅰ. What are the cleaning methods of extruder screw?

There are two common methods: one is to wash with raw materials or nozzle materials, and the other is to directly pull the screw for polishing and cleaning.

The method of drawing the screw affects the precision of the equipment. Pulling the screw for a long time affects the fit between the accessories. Polishing the screw also affects the surface smoothness of the screw. It is easier to leave resin in the subsequent production, resulting in material decomposition and carbon deposits.

However, washing the extruder screw with raw materials takes a long time and requires a lot of cleaning materials, which will inevitably affect the efficiency of production.

Ⅱ. What method is more effective for cleaning the extruder screw?

The following solutions are recommended:

1. For color change: Use professional screw cleaning materials to clean through the machine, which can save time and the amount of cleaning materials, especially for color patterns, weld lines, etc.

2. Aiming at the problem of black spots during shutdown: We recommend using a screw cleaning material that is not easy to carbonize to stay in the screw during shutdown, fill the screw, and replace it with raw materials when starting up. The advantage of this is to fully replace the original material. To avoid carbonization of the material in the screw, and at the same time, it can also bring out the original impurities in the screw. This cleaning material is called shutdown maintenance material.

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