Hexagonal Shaft

Rectangular splines are mostly six splines. This type of spline is better than a single key and can withstand greater torque. It is convenient for various screw elements to be mounted on the mandrel. The mandrel material is also a 40CrNiMoA forging of alloy structural steel. Quench and temper after treatment.
Hexagonal Shaft

Technical Details of Hexagonal Shaft

Max Lentgh:6 meters
Application: Extruder

Hexagonal Shaft Classify

1. Hexagonal shaft
2. Involute splined shafts for sale
3. Single key shaft

Processing Characteristics of Hexagonal Shaft

1.All component materials are purcharsed from professional material supplier. To ensure quality of raw materials, element and metallographic analysis are coducted.
2. All components are finished by CNC grinding.
3. Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping business.
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