How Can We Avoid the Damage of Barrel Screw?

The extrusion molding equipment mainly includes two parts: main machine and auxiliary machine. The main machine is called an extruder, which is composed of an extruding system screw, barrel, feeding device, etc. As the heart of the extruder, the extruder screw has a very important influence on the quality and output of the extruder. The main function of a screw is to transport materials, heat transfer and plasticize materials, and mix and homogenize materials.

A lot of people are worried about the frequent damage of the extruder screw and barrel, and now let's look at the reasons for the damage of the screw and the extruder barrel!

1. Why is the extruder barrel screw easily damaged?

1) The manufacture of extruder screw and barrel material selection is not reasonable, so that the working strength of the screw and barrel parts is insufficient, and the parts appear deformation or wear prematurely.

2) Improper application of heat treatment process conditions on the working surface of extruder screw and barrel after finishing makes the surface hardness value fail to meet the requirements of working conditions. And it speeds up the working wear of screw and barrel parts.

3) Improper operation of extruder screw and barrel, unstable process temperature control, and frequent decomposition of extruded raw materials. For example, when polyvinyl chloride resin is extruded, the melt decomposition releases a large amount of gas, which aggravates the corrosion of the working surface of screw and barrel parts.

4) The extruder screw extrusion raw material rotates in the extruder barrel for a long time, and the friction between the raw material and the extruder barrel and the screw working surface makes the inner diameter of the barrel gradually increase, and the outer diameter of the extruder screw gradually decrease, so that the assembly working gap between the two parts of the screw and the barrel gradually increases with the wear of the working face of the two parts.

5) If there is calcium carbonate or glass fiber filler in the extruded raw material, it will aggravate the wear of the extruder screw and barrel.

6) The extruder screw and barrel in the extrusion production process, due to the low temperature of the extrusion raw material or the mixing of metal foreign matter with the material in the barrel, the upper turning torque of the screw will suddenly increase, and if the torque force exceeds the working strength limit of the screw, it will make the screw deformation or torsion.

2. LESUN's extruder barrel components are durable

LESUN's conveying screw component is a self-sweeping extruder screw component, which opens longitudinally and closes laterally, thus providing a strong conveying effect. The residence time of the material is short, the self-cleaning property is good, and the high pressure can be established within a short axial distance.

In order to prolong the service life of components, abrasion and corrosion resistance is very important. LESUN’s barrel mainly adopts bimetal liner +45# steel cylinder material; N00 nitride steel, H6 or D11. In addition, it also provides special steel such as HSS-PM with high wear and corrosion resistance.

In terms of production specifications, LESUN not only provides general extruder screw, standard double-screw extruder accessories produced by manufacturers, but also provides design and manufacturing services for special extruder accessories according to customers' requirements. At the same time, we also provide surveying and mapping business and various extrusion company parts processing business. If you need, you are welcome to consult.

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