How to Clean the Extruder Screw? What is the Cleaning Process?

1. Cleaning the extruder screw

The material for extruder screw cleaning adopts high-efficiency surface active technology, which can effectively improve the cleaning ability. In the extrusion process of the twin screw extruder, only a small amount of cleaning material is needed to clean the carbon deposits and stubborn color attachments on the screw. The cleaning process is very efficient, will not damage the twin screw machine, and will not emit a pungent and toxic smell.

2. The process of cleaning the extruder screw

(1) Manually add cleaning material from the discharge port until the extruded strip has the same color and gloss as the washing material pellets, then stop feeding, empty the material, and stop rotating the twin screw extruder screw elements.

(2) Open the die head of the extruder screw and start to clean the screw.

(3) Rotate the screw and take out the pore plate, pour the remaining cleaning material into the barrel, and then clean the pore plate.

(4) Pull out the screw and observe whether it has been cleaned. The residue needs to be removed manually. After cleaning, reinstall the screws back to their original positions, add new material to rinse the remaining cleaning material in the bucket, and then stop the rotation of screw.

(5) Install the pore plate and die head of the twin screw extruder, and then the machine will start trial operation after the extruder screw is cleaned.

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