SFV Screw Element

SFV is a wide-edged single-head conveying element. The advantage of this element is that it can transport lighter powder materials for the feeding section of the machine. This will not cause any accumulation of materials. The SFV wide edge screw sleeve can also be used in the metering section of the host screw. When the front end uses the underwater die surface for hot pelletizing, it can keep the back pressure of the solution with a high melt index as much as possible, so as to ensure that the die holes are uniform and the pellets are colored (such as thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU, degradable plastic PBA, etc.).
SFV Screw Element

Technical Details of SFV Screw Element

Brand:LESUN extruder screw for sale
Model:φ20mm ~ φ300mm
Material:38CrMoALA / W6Mo5Cr4V2 / HIP
Properties: Wear-resisting, Corrode-resisting
Application: Extruder

SFV Screw Element Function

Improves efficiencey of processing by lowering specific energy

Processing Characteristics of SFV Screw Element:

1. All component materials are purcharsed from professional material supplier. To ensure quality of raw materials, element and metallographic analysis are coducted.
2. All components are finished by CNC grinding.
3. Professional technical team can provide surveying and mapping business.
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